Hi, I’m Matt Parkes!


I’m a SysAdmin living in Brisbane, Australia. Equal parts Windows and Linux, with a focus on scripting and automation (especially PowerShell and Ansible).

I also make Boardgames.

Burger Up

Burger Up!


Arcade Machine


Cubase Accessibility Solution


Running a command only on the LAST node in an Ansible play run

This is one of those things that is obvious after your see it, but you might get stuck on (especially if you aren’t used to using Jinja2 filters):

Setting up Kerberos/pyWinRM for Ansible

As part of getting Ansible to automate the build and teardown of VMs in VMM, I needed pywinrm to work on a RHEL 7 machine (Note: This process appears to work on Ubuntu 14 as well) Before proceeding, ensure the ansible

JavaScript Promises

I needed to loop through a bunch of asynchronous API calls and then render a graph (using chartist.js) once all of them had finished. I knew I needed to use promises , but my brain started to melt when I tried

Remove lines which contain a string in Notepad++

If you need to remove lines containing a certain string (or all lines not containing a certain string), there’s a simple way to do it using just the Notepad++ UI, without worrying about regular expressions. Regex-Free Method: Press Ctrl+F Click the Mark

Migrating AD Objects between Domains using LDIFDE

The tool ldifde.exe  has been included with Windows Server since Server 2000 and supports Exporting and Importing of AD Objects. I’ve tried to use it a few times in the past and struggled with importing (especially between domains) because of read-only/protected

Creating a CentOS 6.7 VM Template in VMM

Creating a Linux VM Template in VMM is not quite as easy as doing it in VMWare, but even though the steps below look lengthy, it’s not terribly difficult. Essentially, you need to install the Hyper-V Integration Services and the VMM

Notepad++ Tips & Tricks

Duplicate Current Line: Rather than the usual Shift+Home, Ctrl+C, End, Enter, Ctrl+V (and then Home, Backspace or Tab/Space to fix Indentation when it auto-indents incorrectly), you can press Ctrl+D to Duplicate Current Selection. The neat thing is that if you have no selection, it defaults

Notepad++ as an IDE for Puppet

Notepad++ makes a decent IDE for Puppet with pretty minimal configuration required. Set Syntax Highlighting: The Puppet DSL is based on Ruby and so the easiest way to get Syntax Highlighting is to just set Notepad++ to use Ruby syntax

Puppet Server on Centos 7



‘Tab to search’ Confluence on Chrome

Atlassian’s Confluence supports Chrome’s ‘Tab to search’ functionality (just like YouTube and Wikipedia and a whole bunch of other sites do). This means you can type the start of your Confluence URL (e.g. ‘confl’ for  http://confluence.contosso.com) and then press Tab and enter your search